The Dorman Family have always been passionate about being philanthropic in their community.  The focus areas for the Foundation include the following:

  1. Welfare, Education and furthering the life skills and opportunities of underprivileged, disadvantaged or disabled Australian children
  2. Furthering development for cures for Dementia and Dementia related illnesses
  3. Furthering support of charitable causes for Aged Care
  4. Support for other Charitable causes from time to time which are assessed as suitable to the Foundation

The Foundation aims to support organisations and specific programs which are not as likely to receive financial support from the Government and/or larger corporate organisations.



In general, the Foundation will not fund the following:

  • Foreign programs
  • Programs which duplicate existing government programs
  • Operating costs which include significant expenditures on expenses on rent and salaries
  • Administration costs
  • Contributions which are capital in nature